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Nature, sports and Ladin culture in San Martin de Tor

San Martin de Tor lies right in the middle of Val Badia and is also its cultural heart. This charming typical mountain village hosts the Museum Ladin Ciastel de Tor and the Ladin Institute Micurà de Rü.

San Martin de Tor is a typical small village, with a tiny but cozy central plaza, surrounded by numerous farms, showing its rural history. The medieval castle of Ciastel de Tor towers over the village.

In this area there are two natural parks: Fanes Sennes Braies and Puez Odle, both part of the Dolomites UNESCO heritage, theater to countless walking paths, hiking and trekking trails and mountain bike tours, both for the experienced mountain climber and the whole family.

San Martin de Tor boasts also a wide array of sports, cultural and culinary activities: horse riding, climbing, museums and libraries where you can learn everything you need about the culture and language of the Ladin people. You will also find a vast number of restaurants, farms and inns where you can taste the traditional dishes of South Tyrol.